Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Once upon a time
A long, long, long... really long time ago,
at the very least, the day before yesterday
There was a far distant land

It was a really, really, really long way away,
at the very least, a mile past the end of your street
There was green grass, and tall trees. Blue Sky,
and the fluffiest whitest cloud's that there ever were,

and so many caves
that you could explore them all forever
and still not see every single one of them

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and in this land there lived a dragon...

he had green skin, with yellow spots,
the bluest eyes, you ever did see.
And the hair sprouting out of the top of his head...
was a bright, bright, bright, bright, red

and this dragons name
was Perilon

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Page 3

Perilon lived in a two storey, terraced cave,
third cave-door down on the right.

Upstairs was the biggest best-est bedroom
in the whole wide world
and down stairs...
he had hot and cold running streams

and in the bath room
was the best of all....
on the far far wall,
a water fall,

just perfect for a morning shower

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Page 4

Now one day poor, poor Perilon
had awoken with a cold,
his nose was almost
as red as the tuft of bright red hair
on top of his head

Now you might think that you have it rough
when you have a cold
but poor poor Perilon...
when ever he would sneeze...
"ahhh ahhh ahhh choooo"

a burst of flame would shoot out of
the end of his nose

Poor poor perilon
Laugh though you may,
but you try blowing your nose
when your tissues turn to ash at every sneeze

Page 5

Poor poor Perilon felt miserable.

Now he knew he had some medicine
and that the medicine would make his cold go away
but it tasted so disgusting, so awful, so decidedly gross
that it was even worse than Brussels sprouts.

so silly silly Perilon
refused to take it, and decided to see
if the cold would go away all on its own

He sat up in bed
and sneezed so hard...."ahh ahh ahhh chooo"
... that a flame shot out of his nose

The flame was so... so... so... very long
that it melted the night light candle next to his bed
into a boiling, bubbling puddle of wax
poor poor perilon

he sniffled and tried to go back to sleep

Page 6

Now word had soon gotten around
that Perilon was not feeling very well

and before long presents,
flowers and get well cards
started arriving at his cave
now wasn't that nice of every one.

Why even Mrs Warg Worm next door
had brought him up a box of candies
and a blanket she had spun
from her very own silk...

she said it was a magic blanket
that would
chase the cold away real fast.

Now you may well think
that anything made out of silk
from a warg worms bottom
is a very gross present indeed,

but once its washed
it makes the softest, warmest, cosiest
blanket in the whole wide world
and its flame proof too.

Page 7

Perilon wrapped the blanket
around his shoulders.
he felt awful

but... at least now
he had some presents to enjoy,
and all the good wishes
from all his friends

and all his neighbours
{all, he suspected, except...
little Jimmy Warthog from number 7
who was so mean
he would pull all the girls pigtails
and would trip up all the boys}

he grinned and opened the candies
and then...... you got it....

" ahh ahh ahhh choooooo "

all the candy melted
into gooey soggy bubbly mess

but still.....
he wouldn't take his medicine
Silly silly Perilon